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    Early on Imara identified South Africa as a key market and through key acquisitions established the operating divisions of, Imara Asset Management, Imara Corporate Finance in a relatively short period of time. Imara Asset Management, an approved Financial Services Provider, focuses on the high net worth and mass affluent private client markets. Assets under management have grown steadily and a disciplined investment approach continues to deliver good performance. Imara Corporate Finance is an established advisory firm boasting a well-knit team of professionals who have gained extensive experience of the region and a deep understanding of the peculiarities inherent in its economies and markets.

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    Asset Management Chris Botha Chief Executive Officer | Imara Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. Tel +27 11 550 6181 Email:

    Hugan Chetty Fund Manager/Analyst | Imara Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. Tel +27 11 550 6177 Email:

    Corporate Finance Tel +27 11 550 6192

    South Africa presents lucrative investment opportunities in all the traditional markets, from the mining industry, including gold, diamonds, metals and minerals, through to heavy and light industrial offerings, including machinery, automotive and mechanical engineering, as well as new emerging opportunities such as production of renewable energy resources. Rich in more than history and diversity, South Africa boasts world class banking systems, abundant natural resources, modern infrastructure systems and an established manufacturing base, as well as research and development capabilities. These characteristics secure South Africa’s status as the richest country on the continent and, with more than 25% of its manufactured products being exported into Africa, as the largest African investor. Total area: 1,221,037 sq km Population: 50,586,757 (2011, source: World Bank) Currency: South African Rand (ZAR)