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    Imara has a minority stake in Stockbrokers Malawi Ltd (SML). Established in 1994, SML is the leading stockbroking firm in Malawi and the company was instrumental in the establishment of the Malawi Stock Exchange and has been involved in every listing since then. SML is a registered stockbroker under the provisions of the Capital Market Development Act, 1990, Part VI, and Imara’s main business is to offer a highly professional agent-only broking service to clients wishing to invest in the money and securities markets.

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    Tel +27 11 550 6000

    Noel Kadzakumania Chief Executive Officer | Stockbrokers Malawi Limited Tel +265 1 822 792 Email: Website:

    Malawi, a largely agricultural country enjoying the fruits of political stability under a multi-party democracy, offers good potential for investors wishing to diversify into new African markets. In addition to its largely unexploited mineral deposits, Malawi has rich natural resources such as fisheries based on Lake Malawi, the third largest freshwater lake in the world, as well as a burgeoning tourist industry. There is a strong English-speaking labour force, modern telecommunications networks and a well maintained transportation infrastructure. Geographically, Malawi is strategically located for access to regional markets. Total area: 118,484 sq km Population: 15,380,888 (2011, source: World Bank) Currency: Malawian Kwacha