Imara Asset Management has a highly experienced investment management team focused on African Markets who manage assets on behalf of both African and Global Investors. In addition, Imara also manages a Global Fund that it offers primarily to its African client base.

The Company operates from four main locations. Our investment team based in Harare, Zimbabwe, manages client assets invested in Africa ex South Africa. Our South African office based in Johannesburg focuses on South African investments and African Resource opportunities for its local and offshore clientele. Our Zambia office manages assets on behalf of Zambian institutional investors and high net worth individuals in both Zambia and offshore capital markets, provides Treasury advisory services for companies and also serves as investment managers to various Collective Investment Schemes. Our Mauritius office is the administrative centre for our offshore and managed account portfolios. In addition, Imara has a small office in the UK which advises the Imara Global Fund.

Imara Asset Management, through its parent company, is a signatory to the UN’s Principals for Responsible Investment.

Imara’s Fund Offerings include:

All Funds Long Only / Absolute Return